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    Critical 3.0

    Critical 3.0
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    Critical mass x NL

    Critical 3.0 is born from the genetic mix between the multi-award winning Critical Mass and our Northern Light.Critical Mass is an exceptional variety used in hundreds of hybridization processes.

    The main reason why Critical Mass attracts so much attention is its incredible productivity, which allows it to produce large numbers of heads in a short period of time.
    Our growers have crossed this wonder with our Northern Light, resulting in a super producer of dense, resinous and very fragrant buds.


    The Critical 3.0 has a low, bushy structure with short internodes.
    It forms a very dense central peak and tends to form large lateral peaks (typical "candelabra" structure).
    Its open shape facilitates the penetration of light down to the last branch, resulting in an unequalled production of heads, hard as stone and covered with a copious layer of aromatic resin.

    It behaves very well indoors, reaching a maximum height of 90 cm, with a production of about 450-650 g/m².
    Outdoors it will achieve high performance thanks to its legendary resistance both in terms of low temperature oscillation and defence against pests and mould.


    The taste of this variety is sweet and earthy, with a pungent aftertaste typical of Skunk.
    At the first whiff, the palate is flooded with a sweet taste reminiscent of the typical fruits of the undergrowth. Then it gives way to the pungent aroma of Skunk and resin which is the launchpad for Universe 3.0 and will glue you to your couch!

    Its high is strong, stimulating and relaxing, although it initially has a psychedelic feel.


    Sativa: 40 %

    Indica: 60 %

    Active ingredients

    THC: 21%

    CBD: 0.3%

    CBN: Medium

    Indoor Outdoor
    Flowering 45-55 days October
    Height 45 - 55 cm
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