Hindu Kush High

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Selezione cloni Landrace Hindu Kush

If Indica is your passion, this undisputed queen of the Hindu Kush mountain ranges will take you on a journey into her relaxing whirlpool lost in the mists of time.

We have chosen to offer you this strain that has been used and appreciated for thousands of years in the distant lands of Afghanistan, Pakistan and India, especially in the Hindu Kush mountain range from which it takes its name.
Arriving in the United States in the 1970s, it was a great success and is still among the most appreciated in the world, thanks in particular to its undeniable qualities as a great resin producer.


Zoe's Seeds breeders obtained this little gem by selecting the phenotype with a hint of extra Sativa, just enough to get a slightly larger, more branched and therefore more productive plant.

The fresh, balsamic taste, with hints of sandalwood, has remained unchanged.

It is a plant with a pure Indica character and a powerful structure. The buds are large and full of resin.
Abundant harvests are usual for this variety, from which you will also get satisfaction from the leaves of the buds, which are also full of resin.

Its origins make it an ideal outdoor plant, very resistant to stress and able to tolerate the lowest temperatures.
You will be happy to see it still standing and lush after a frost!With a little care and experience, you can achieve record harvests.

It does not require too much care and attention and is not a delicate variety; on the contrary, it is resistant to mould and moisture.


The high is definitely relaxing, this plant brings a deep feeling of peace and rarely gives the typical indica 'couch effect'.
First there is a euphoric effect, followed by a feeling of peace and relaxation that stimulates creativity.
Ideal for an evening with friends at home!


Sativa: 20 %

Indica: 80 %

Active ingredients

THC: 17.00%

CBD: 0.80%

CBN: Medium

Indoor Outdoor
Flowering 55-60 days Mid-late September
Height 150 - 180 cm

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