Amnesia OG

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Amnesia Haze x Critical 3.0

The most beloved and sought-after genetics in Dutch coffeeshops is Amnesia. It has record flowering times, super production made even heavier by crossing with Critical 3.0, devastating power and an extremely interesting terpene profile.

In the 1970s, some Haze strains were exported from California to windmill country. Several hybridizations followed, including one with a Northern Light male, resulting in the famous Amnesia Haze. Our breeders have crossed this historic strain with our productivity champion, Critical 3.0, resulting in an exceptional variety.


Amnesia OG is a sativa-dominant plant with surprisingly fast growth rate.

Despite the clear Sativa impression, the Amnesia OG does not grow too long. The internodal distances are not huge and therefore allow the plant to cover itself with trichomes to form amazing heavy white resin heads.

Thanks to Papa Critical, the buds of Amnesia OG are large, heavy and with a hint of Skunk in the aftertaste. Forget the soft and not very compact Sativa-style heads, Amnesia OG heads are hard as stone!

Its growth rate is quite high, which compensates for the fact that the flowering cycle is a little longer than that of Papa Critical. This marvellous plant has a certain resistance to mildew, it also adapts to cold climates, but it is in warm and Mediterranean climates that it gives its best.

At the end of flowering, the excessive weight of the buds could cause the branches to bend.


Prepare yourself for a powerful psychedelic journey: it is not an accident that its name is Amnesia!
The effect is, at first, typically Sativa, then gives way to a stronger, more creative and less frenetic effect.
In this second phase, the Skunk heritage of Critical 3.0 is felt as well as that of Mummy Amnesia by its slightly higher CBD content than the last one, which exalts its psychedelic effect.
Amnesia OG is in every respect a variety that brings a smile and a good dose of euphoria and can help treat depression, post-traumatic stress disorder or relieve pain-related anxiety.

At the first whiff, your palate will first be flooded with sweet notes of citrus fruits, incense and spices.
With this variety, it is easy to go overboard, because of its velvety smoke and incredibly delicious taste.
A variety not to be missed.


Sativa: 75 %

Indica: 25 %

Active ingredients

THC: 22.00%

CBD: 0.40%

CBN: Medium

Indoor Outdoor
Flowering 60-70 days September October
Height 180 - 250 cm

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