Super Cookies XXL Auto

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Each seed

(Cookies auto x Gelato auto) x Flame

Super Cookies XXL Auto is a short, very bushy indica that grows fast and produces a lot of sweet resin on its beautiful buds. We chose the most compact phenotypes during the selection process to try to create an easy and fast variety without compromising the quality of effect, taste and smell.


To create this marvel, we crossed Cookies Auto with Gelato Auto, then selected the best, most compact and fastest clones and crossed them with Flame.

Super Cookies XXL Auto has an indica structure, with short internodes and side branches that do not grow too wide. The structure of the plant however remains very open. Light and air pass easily between the branches and leaves, allowing good ventilation that keeps out the mould!

Super Cookies XXL Auto completes its life cycle in 60-70 days.
Don’t be deceived by the compactness and speed of the life cycle: Iced Cookies Auto is a super producer, just like mummy Gelato Auto, and the quality is so high that it can compete with photo-dependent varieties.

The tops are as hard as rock, scented and crystallised by abundant white resin.


The aroma of this variety is sweet and fruity in the pure Californian kush style, enriched by the scent of biscuits, a legacy of Mamma Cookies.

The effect is complex: initially active and euphoric (due to the limonene terpene) it degrades into a relaxing physical and mental effect. If you go too far with this variety, she will take you straight into the arms of Morpheus!


Sativa: 10 %

Indica: 80 %

Active ingredients

THC: 20.00%

CBD: 0.20%

CBN: Low

Flowering 60-70 giorni days
Height 120-200 cm

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