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A unique variety once at risk of extinction due to prohibitionism, this Albanian ammonia strain was brought back with the massive diffusion of Dutch seeds.
It stands out with its unusual bright red markings on the trichomes and a distinctive and special flavour. It gives a sativa brain high which will make you happy and keep you active.

The Red derives from an Afghan that was naturalized in Calabria following the theft of some seeds from the Botanical Gardens of Naples. It then took root all over the area.

Thanks to its geological history and the various microclimates present in the Calabrian valleys, where products such as bergamot and limes have been grown over the years and sold worldwide (and you can even find snow in August!), this is where the Red strain was modified to become the legendary “Calabrian Reds”. We use the plural term for the variety of strains that come from the diverse microclimatic conditions of this area.

Thanks to the passion and stubbornness of our Italian breeders who over the years have preserved, guarded and passed down these seeds jealously, we are able, today, to offer you one of those indigenous species in the autoflowering version of the “Red Calabrian”– a legend amongst stoners who have been lucky enough to fall into her “deep red”.

While you are waiting for the famous “Red” to arrive, make the most of this little jewel completely made in Italy.


It gives both a generous harvest and a generous flavour!

A plant with a Sativa character, it is distinguished by a very long central top and abundant lateral stems with high productivity that give it the classic shape of a Christmas tree.

A very resistant and spectacular plant in all phases of life! Its resistance to disasters is legendary: it is often said that this variety does everything on its own, without the need for excessive care.


When harvested prematurely, the high is intense and long-lasting and makes you active during the day, whereas if it is harvested at an advanced stage of maturation, the high will be pronounced, giving a lingering feeling of euphoria accompanied by harty laughter.

The taste of this rare and unique variety is lost in the mists of time. Its taste is a mixture of citrus and cedars, which combine with sweet notes of pine and eucalyptus, ending with earthy flavours.
Overall, it is a strain with a sweet and sour character.

Its unmistakable smell makes it recognizable from a distance.


Sativa: 50 %

Indica: 50 %

Active ingredients

THC: 22.00%

CBD: 0.80%

CBN: Medium

Indoor Outdoor
Flowering 60-65 giorni days 9 - 10 weeks
Height 80 - 150 cm

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