Lemon XXL Auto

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Skunk XXL auto x Lemon XXL

Our XXL autoflowering family is growing with the arrival of this extraordinary lemon-flavoured strain, born from the crossbreeding of our XXL Lemon with the generous Skunk XXL Auto.

This third generation autoflowering variety combines the high productivity of Skunk XXL Auto with the fantastic taste of Lemon XXL. This mix produces a Christmas tree shaped plant with a large tip.


Large in size, it has an impressive growth rate.
Very branched and tall, it is a variety that needs its space.
The life cycle of this autoflowering variety ends in just over 70 days.

After ripening, the resin covering the plant takes on a beautiful amber colour and gives off a lemon scent that will make you lick your lips! The taste and smell is reminiscent of the mother "Lemon" with hints of citrus but with a magical touch of Skunk, too!

It is quite resistant to mould thanks to its Sativa heritage, which also means a higher plant height.
Lemon XXL is a variety that can grow up to 1.5 meters high, so she is obviously not a dwarf!
In warm, temperate climates its aroma will reach its peak: you'll feel like you're biting into a Sicilian lemon!


The effect is active and euphoric, so beware: you could find yourself floating away while doing your daily chores!!!
Zoe's Seeds suggests that you always have lots of friends around you to get the most out of the euphoria this wonderful variety will give you.

If the plant is at a very advanced stage of maturation, the effect is even more psychedelic and euphoric.


Sativa: 75 %

Indica: 25 %

Active ingredients

THC: 17.00%

CBD: 0.20%

CBN: Low

Indoor Outdoor
Flowering 75-80 days 11 - 12 weeks
Height 80 - 100 cm

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