Giano auto

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Each seed

Dolce Vita auto x Gelato auto

With this variety we start playing hardball: gigantic harvests of super dense and extra fragrant buds of the best new American resin-coated genetics, harvested in less than three months from the day of germination.

General characteristics

Giano Auto presents itself as a branched but compact plant and can express two different phenotypes. The first and most common gives rise to a tall plant (1-1.2m) with a rounded bulbshaped main bud and a creamier aroma.

The second phenotype gives us a plant with a narrower but longer bud with an unmistakable strawberry aroma.

Two faces (like Giano Bifronte), the same incredible yield and quality.

Giano in both cases is a variety that gives off a strong and very sweet smell and is therefore recognisable even from a distance!

Giano grows well even when it is cold but thrives in warmer, Mediterranean climates: it is in these
situations that Giano gives its all!

It has excellent resistance to insects, and Zoe's Seeds has selected the most mould resistant clones.



The effect is surprising and comparable to the best elite clones in the United States with a high medicinal value and an intense and incredible taste.
It has a relaxing effect on the mind and body and at high dosages it can also be useful for pain relief.


Sativa: 50 %

Indica: 45 %

Active ingredients

THC: 20.00%

CBD: 0.20%

CBN: Low

Flowering 70-80 giorni days
Height 100-150 cm

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