Gelauto Z

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zkittlez x gelato auto x flame

Europe is no longer enough for Zoe's Seeds! Our breeders, back from the USA, have brought new, delicious delicacies with one-of-a-kind flavours and a complex, fruity, terpene profile. One of these marvels is Gelauto Z, an autoflowering strain both fruity and sour, and with a very powerful effect. The Gelauto Z is also a super producer: it can compete with photo-dependent varieties in terms of production!


Gelauto Z was born from the crossing of two autoflowering varieties, Zkittlez Auto and Gelato Auto, crossed with the legendary Flame, a variety with an indica dominance but jealously guarding a sativa heart.

An indica dominant autoflowering strain, Gelauto Z grows a large central bud that oozes resin all over the surrounding leaves and fairly developed branches. These branches, in turn, fill up with orange hair buds, all covered with an abundant layer of sticky resin.

From Mummy Gelato, Gelauto Z inherited the exorbitant amount of resin and high THC content (26%), from Mummy Zkittlez the sweetness and complex terpene profile, and from Daddy Flame the incredible resistance to mould, fungus and parasites.

The entire life cycle of Gelauto Z starts and ends in 70-80 days and it is a variety that, although mainly indica, wants its space. It does best in hot climates and, thanks to its resistance to mould, thrives even in humidity.


The taste is sweet and fruity with a final sour note, a delight for the palate! The smoke is "creamy" and does not irritate the throat.

The effect is initially cerebral with peaks of euphoria and cheerfulness, then it degrades into a relaxing body effect. Thanks to this combination, Gelauto Z is ideal for dealing with anxiety and stress.


Sativa: 20 %

Indica: 70 %

Active ingredients

THC: 26.00%

CBD: 0.60%

CBN: medio

Flowering 70-80 days
Height 150 - 300 cm

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