Fire & Furious auto

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Fire OG kush auto x Diesel auto

Zoe's Seeds is pleased to offer you the Fire and Furious Auto, the result of a careful and scrupulous selection. It is an autoflowering variety that promises to become one of the best autoflowering genetics on the market, as it is impossible to distinguish it from the original OG Kush.


By combining two of Zoe's Seeds' most productive and fastest gene pools with our Diesel Auto, we have created the basis for this breeding work. We selected the phenotypes closest to the original clones and crossed them to a totally non-photoperiodic plant that has all the desirable old school OG traits with a gaseous touch, a very powerful effect and amazing resin production.

The structure of the Fire and Furious Auto remains compact but branched, it does not reachm excessive heights, the maximum height it can reach is about 90 cm.

The buds are spongy, enormous and covered with abundant and fragrant resin. The spongy top allows for better ventilation, preserving it from a mould attack.

The aroma is fruity with notes of citrus and diesel. This variety also has a high content of myrcene,
which makes it appetizing both for the palate and the mind!


Its sativa heritage is fully expressed in its fully balanced effect, which keeps it active by stimulating creativity and social relationships.


Sativa: 50 %

Indica: 45 %

Active ingredients

THC: 19.00%

CBD: 0.20%

CBN: medio

Indoor Outdoor
Flowering 55-65 giorni days 55-65 giorni
Height 120-200 cm

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