Cheese 3.0 Auto

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Clone d’elite di Cheese auto x Critical 3.0 Auto

The Cheese 3.0 Auto is dedicated to those who love the classic flavour of cheese and at the same time want to enjoy the traditional advantages of autoflowering. This strain has been specially designed to compete with modern photoperiodic cannabis strains, not just autoflowering strains.

To create the most productive and potent strain on the market, we started from a British Cheese clone, originated by the Exodus Collective, an English community very active in the legalization of cannabis in the 1990s.
Thanks to this collective, many people have come into possession of the Cheese, contributing to its spread and fame.
One of these clones arrived in the hands of our breeders who, thanks to a cross with the Critical 3.0 Auto, was able to obtain an excellent result in terms of yield and speed.


Fourth generation utoflowering strain.
To create it, we first selected the best clones obtained by crossing our Cheese with the Critical 3.0 auto.
The fruit of this selection was then cross-bred with the Cheese until a productive phenotype, as close as possible to the original photo-dependent one, was produced.
Once this was achieved, the Cheese Auto was then crossed again with the Critical 3.0 Auto and the Cheese 3.0 Auto was born, a marvel for the eyes but also for the palate!

This autoflowering plant is robust and compact with remarkable productivity even in the side branches, a sign of excellence for a predominantly Indica variety.
It does not grow to great heights, about 1 metre tall, and yields about 80g per plant, but can double under optimal conditions.
The internodes are close together and the plant is both strong and flexible.


From the first whiff you can smell the aroma of cheese and yeast, which then gives way to more delicate, floral aromas with a hint of Skunk.
Cheese 3.0 contains a higher amount of CBD, and therefore produces a mainly physical effect.
It is an ideal herb for relaxation, very popular with therapeutic marijuana growers.

The life cycle of the plant lasts only 10 weeks.

The well-balanced high, at first energetic and euphoric, will take you to couch, relaxed and settled at the end of the Cheese tour!
It's a classic that will never go away, so enjoy the Cheese!


Sativa: 40 %

Indica: 60 %

Active ingredients

THC: 15.00%

CBD: 1.20%

CBN: Medium

Indoor Outdoor
Flowering 70 days 12 weeks
Height 80 - 100 cm

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