Blue Dreams Auto

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Blue dream x NL XXL auto

The Blue Dream Auto is a fast working Blueberry that doesn’t sacrifice quality nor original taste.

This third generation autoflowring strain needs no introduction.
The Blueberry is more resistant and easier to grow than its light-dependent counterpart, and it has inherited its exceptional taste: relaxing effect and blue tones.

Zoe's Seeds' growers have performed a miracle in making this already perfect plant even more productive by crossing it with our Northern light XXL.


Like all autoflowering plants, Blue Dream Auto is very hardy and adapts to all climates.
The structure of the plant is compact with abundant but short branches, so that the buds do not grow too far from the stem.
The internodal distance is very short, resulting in superb buds: dense and huge.
Due to the compactness and resinous character of the heads during the last two weeks, care must be taken to avoid mould and to keep the humidity under control.


The taste is unmistakable: blueberry, sweet and fruity with a honey aftertaste and an intense and persistent smell, all accompanied by a strong but relaxing high.
It is an ideal variety to consume before going to bed, for a good night's rest.


Sativa: 20 %

Indica: 80 %

Active ingredients

THC: 18.00%

CBD: 1.00%

CBN: Medium

Indoor Outdoor
Flowering 65-70 days 8 - 9 weeks
Height 65 - 80 cm

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