Automic Bomb XXL

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Haze auto x (Ak47 x Super Silver Haze)

This time bomb with a decidedly Haze character is the result of the crossing between a Haze Auto and an AK-47 previously crossed with a Super Silver Haze.


The careful selection of AK-47 x Super Silver Haze clones has allowed us to obtain individuals with a distinctly Sativa character, and with an aroma and effect as close as possible to that of the Super Silver Haze.

These characteristics were also selected after crossing with the Auto Haze.

The result of this immense work is an autoflowering that fully expresses the taste and effect of the Super Silver Haze, with a productivity worthy of an AK-47.

Automic Bomb XXL is an autoflowering Sativa in body and soul. In fact, it can reach the remarkable size of 2 meters outdoors. The leaves are elongated and thin, in pure Sativa style, the interior space is considerable, and the side branches stretch out asking for space.

The legacy of the AK-47 is expressed in the main top: huge, very resinous and heavy.
This plus the numerous side branches full of heavy buds make the Automic Bomb XXL one of the most productive autoflowering machines ever.

Automic Bomb XXL has a high growth rate and is resistant to mould, fungus and insects.


The taste is stratospheric and, if you love Haze, you can't miss this gem: incense tones with a fruity aftertaste.

The effect is pure Haze: cerebral, active, social and creative. With a hint of euphoria!


Sativa: 75 %

Indica: 20 %

Active ingredients

THC: 18.00%

CBD: 0.10%

CBN: Low

Flowering 75-85 giorni days
Height 120-200 cm

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