Sweet Romagna CBD

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Cannatonic X Clone selezionato di Eletta Campana

We created this incredible variety by selecting a particularly promising clone of Cannatonic and crossed it several times with a male of the historic Italian variety Eletta Campana.


From this selection, perfection was born: Sweet Romagna has a Sativa structure, with strong lateral branches that are extremely productive and a medium internodal distance.

The leaves have the typical elongated Sativa appearance and can take on wonderful purple hues when subjected to cold temperatures.
The buds are long and airy in pure Sativa fashion, giving them excellent resistance to mould and humidity.

The resin can contain up to 15% CBD, while a value of more than 1% THC is rarely found.

The taste is sweet and fruity. The effect is mainly therapeutic due to the CBD content.
There is a very slight psychoactive effect, if any, due to the very low level of THC.

According to recent studies, CBD seems to be the molecule of choice in the treatment of diseases such as epilepsy and can bring many benefits in diseases such as fibromyalgia or spasticity in ALS, as it promotes muscle relaxation.
CBD has also demonstrated an ability to modulate the immune response, which is useful for autoimmune diseases such as Crohn's disease, intolerances and allergies.


Sativa: 60 %

Indica: 40 %

Active ingredients

THC: 0.50%

CBD: 14.00%

CBN: medio

Indoor Outdoor
Flowering 60 days End of September
Height 300 cm

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