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Ecco un articolo che può tornare utile, non solo ai coltivatori di canapa, ma anche per chi avesse deciso di dedicare il proprio tempo libero alla cura di un orto amatoriale,

nel caso foste giardinieri professionisti e costantemente alla ricerca di tecniche utili per la coltivazione evitando l’impiego di trattamenti chimici sulle proprie creature.

foglio millimetrico di progettazione

If you too are waiting to vote in the referendum on cannabis to be able to grow comfortably at home,

it will certainly be useful to understand how important the environment and habitat that is created inside a grow room can be and what are the main characteristics that it should maintain to allow us to get the best from our beloved cannabis seeds .

Technological progress and the advancement of digital communication allow people to have free access to the most disparate sources of information.

Today, thanks to this progress, anyone can use the infinite catalog of articles and material that the web makes available to us.

The progressive and unstoppable advance of the green wave of the legalization of cannabis for recreational and therapeutic purposes continues.

The list gets longer and this time it's up to Luxembourg.

The advantage of self-production is that every grower has the possibility to use organic techniques and products in order to collect flowers of superior quality.

From the substrate and nutrients to the time of harvest, everything should be done in full respect of the environment and mother nature.

Usually when we talk about cannabis it is done for legal issues to legalization and regulation, leaving aside the cultural history that is repeatedly intertwined with the evolutionary history of man and society.

It is widely used as well as for the production of everyday objects such as cordage useful for navigation, sheets and pillowcases in hospitals; also as an inspiration or a means to reach the maximum expression of creativity in the form of art.

Who is not crazy about the idea of ​​shopping? Especially when it comes to beauty and daily care products.

These types of purchases arouse the interest of a large slice of the world of women and partly also that of men, who work in the world of make-up making it a reason for living and / or a state of personal well-being.

After a long period of oblivion due to prohibition, Cannabis sativa L. has returned to the center of attention by agricultural companies, research bodies and institutions due to its multiple uses.

Hemp sees its use in traditional industrial sectors such as paper, textile and food and in more innovative industrial sectors such as bioplastics, biofuels, green building, up to cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.

How many of you have never thought that you could start a business relevant to the world of cannabis?

The law of 2 December 2016 n. 242 structured for the promotion of the cultivation and agro-industrial chain of hemp, considers the latter as an agricultural and industrial plant, and regulates its cultivation and use.

Given that in recent weeks he is discussing a lot because of the abrogative referendum in favor of cultivation for personal use and the adoption of the basic text for legalization

we will explore the ways in which precursor countries such as the Netherlands, Spain and the more recent Canada and the United States have organized their legal cannabis market as a whole.

It has been too long now that aficionados and connoisseurs of cannabis have lived in the shadows.

You always have to watch your back when you light up a joint and even more so when you have the space set up for growing. Whatever your position we have news for you!

Il peggior incubo di ogni consumatore di cannabis è quello di ritrovarsi in situazioni, di salute, di sinistro stradale o di lavoro, in cui viene richiesto il test delle urine o del capello.

Vi starete chiedendo, dunque, fino a quando il tetraidrocannabinolo possa essere riscontrato nel vostro organismo. Cercheremo di chiarivi ogni dubbio in proposito.

l'immagine rappresenta lobbisti che discutono sulla cannabis

In ogni articolo pro-cannabis avrete sicuramente letto la parola “legalizzazione” ma bisogna rendersi conto che questo processo non può avvenire solo per una decisione politica o civile

ma visto che “la pianta della canapa è come il maiale, non si butta via nulla”, con il quale quindi, si potrebbero sostituire molti prodotti, spesso inquinanti, utilizzati attualmente nella nostra sfera quotidiana, con prodotti derivanti dalla pianta di canapa.

una mano in possesso di cellulare con app

Ogni consumatore di cannabis ha sempre sognato di coltivare le proprie piante nella tranquillità più assoluta ma questo non sempre è possibile.

Le cause maggiori di denuncia nei confronti dei nostri amati growers arrivano da vicini curiosi o imprevisti incalcolabili.

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